About the Designer

Hello my name is Sabrina Young and I am an interactive graphic designer.

I am a quick learner, who enjoys new challenges and learning new skills. I believe that there is always room to grow personally and/or professionally. I am a determined, positive, and creative individual, with a strong mindset focused towards design. I am also a self-motivated, driven individual with graphic design knowledge and experience. I have a three-year advanced diploma in graphic design, as well as a diploma in Multi Media Design and Production Which I am recipient of the President's Honour Roll awarded in recognition of my academic excellence from Fanshawe College, in London Ontario.

With my critical and analytical thinking, I have always been compelled to push myself
to the best of my abilities and convey ideas in various innovative ways. I have a
keen eye for detail and a strong passion for all things design. All of which I feel
would make a positive impact on any company and would make me an
excellent candidate for a career in a creative driven environment.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a creative and/or artist expression of an idea commonly used for various forms of advertising in and for a company. It is also used to promote or assist in sales for a certain product, event or service. Graphic design is a fine art of communication. Communicating the appropriate "image" and message to the public is a key element to be able to peek customers or potential customers interest and draw them to your company, product, service and/or event.

Many things that surround our everyday lives are designed and/or were created by a graphic designer. Graphic designers put the "face" to any company, product, event, or service. Also they help define who, or what, you are providing for, and to consumers. In addition to helping reach the target audience objectives that the company is trying to achieve.  

Some examples of a graphic designer hard at work would be logo designs, product packaging, business cards, signs, billboards, page layouts such as magazines, general advertisements, flyers, hand out cards also known as promo cards, and websites, just to name a few. The list goes on and on. The possibilities are almost endless to what a graphic designer can do for you and your business!

If you think that you are in need of a graphic designer and want a free consultation then please feel free to contact me today via email through my contact page, and I will be more then willing to discuss any questions or comments that you may have.